Proctut: Procmail Tutorials

The proctut series is for the absolute procmail beginner as well as the intermediate user. The series does not cover installation or configuration of procmail (this is expertly done at Nancy McGough's "Procmail Quick Start").

  1. Procmail Basics (posted 22 Aug 2003, updated 16 Sep 2003)
  2. Anatomy of a Procmail Recipe, Part I (posted 26 Aug 2003, updated 16 Sep 2003)
  3. Simple Regular Expressions, Part I (posted 2 Sep 2003, updated 14 Oct 2003)
  4. Simple Regular Expressions, Part II (posted 8 Sep 2003, updated 23 Oct 2003)
  5. Simple Regular Expressions, Part III (posted 15 Sep 2003, updated 16 Oct 2003)
  6. Thinking "Regex" (posted 17 Oct 2003)
  7. Anatomy of a Procmail Recipe, Part II (posted 21 Oct 2003, updated 22 Oct 2003)
  8. Anatomy of a Procmail Recipe, Part III (posted 25 May 2004, updated 26 May 2004)

Proctip: Procmail Tips & Tricks

The proctip tips and tricks series is for intermediate procmail users.

  1. Using the H and B variables (posted 25 Sep 2003)
  2. Using variables for cleaner recipes (posted 1 Oct 2003)
  3. Achieving "or" conditions in recipes (posted 9 Oct 2003)

Getting More Help

You may receive additional help with using procmail by searching the procmail mailing list archive.

If you are unable to find answers to your questions, you may subscribe to the procmail users mailing list and ask your question there. Good netizens will lurk for a while to get a feel for what kinds of questions are appropriate and how best to ask them (tip: give as much information as you can, including the version of procmail you are using, and actual recipes you've tried to solve your problem).


Thanks to Karen Boyle from for the tutorial style sheet. Sadly, the style sheet doesn't change the appearance of the tutorials in my lynx browser, but they look far better in Netscape!

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