pwd_migrate - the pwd_migrate script

As always, hastily written, pwd_migrate cobbles together some shell commands to create new VPS v2 users from a VPS 1-style passwd file. Current version: 1.8 2004/12/08 21:17:57


Simply copy your ~/etc/passwd file from your vps1 to your vps v2 account and run the program:
    ./pwd_migrate passwd

(pwd_migrate needs to be executable by root, so chmod u+x pwd_migrate after you download it)

The following things will happen:


Note that the old-style DES password encryption is much weaker than the VPS v2 MD5 encryption. This is mitigated somewhat by the actual /etc/master.passwd file being much more restricted than the old VPS 1 file was, however. If you're paranoid about security, you can ask your users to change their password. If you know the password as the administrator, you can reencrypt it with the passwd command.

This program was written using the principles and programs described on the VPS v2 managing_users(5) manpage.

To do:


pwd_migrate [-d] passwd_file


1)  pwd_migrate passwd.old

will create accounts for all entries in passwd.old (except 'root' and

The -d option enables debugging and will NOT take any actions--only
show you what it would do.

Scott Wiersdorf
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